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4X4 Off-Road Challenge

The Silverstone 4X4 Off-Road Challenge is a unique, adrenaline-fueled experience, designed to test your driving skills at every turn of the wheel.

Your experience will begin with a short safety briefing, then it's just a case of strapping in and making your way to the first of our challenging off-road areas, acclimatising along the way with supporting guidance from your instructor.

With a full 30-minutes behind the wheel, you will have chance to put our Suzuki Vitara through its paces on three exciting, specially designed sections of our off-road course, set at the heart of our authentic gravel rally stage.

This exciting experience is just £120 per person.  Book a date or buy a gift voucher and let the recipient choose their own date - valid for 12 months. Adult driving only age 17+ years, full driving licence required.

For the serious car fanatic - why not combine the 4X4 Off-road Challenge with a rally experience too.

Challenge 1

The Sky View and Sideways Tilt

Turn the vehicle into a mountain goat, drive up and over tree lined steep inclines - the only view is the sky!


Check out the tilt measurement on the dash, and grab a photo on your phone.  Steep descents, tight turns and rugged undulating pathways all await you.

Challenge 2

The See-Saw

Everyone's favourite - can you balance the vehicle on our see-saw over 1.5 meter above the ground?  Creep forward a millimetre at a time, find the pivot point and balance, then gently return to the ground.  Drive around our rugged terrain with a few surprises to negotiate, line the vehicle up to the see-saw and have another go.


All this in front of the watching audience.

Challenge 3

The Troughs

Balance the vehicle through a series of differing land heights that pivot you at some incredible angles, check out the tilt measurement on the dashboard.


Climb the steep hill with only the sky to view!  Then a sudden descent. Be prepared for a series of inclines and descents with no room for error!

4X4 Off-Road Challenge

Take the ultimate off-road challenge!

Double up 4X4 Off-Road Challenge &

Rally Stage 1 - Adrenaline Rally Experience

Why not try out off roading and rallying with a rally taster session and the 4X4 Off-Road Challenge and save £40.

Total price for both experiences just £200 (normal price £240)

Double Up 4X4 Off-Road Challenge & Rally Stage 2 - Half Day Rally Experience

Get the full adrenaline fix with two different driving disciplines. Take the 4X4 Off-Road Challenge and learn the techniques of rally driving on a half day experience and save £40.

Total price for both experiences just £265 (normal price £305).

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