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Be a Stunt Driver

Precision Driver & Stunt Performer Training

Ever wondered how those fast-paced car chase scenes you see in the movies are filmed?

Do you know the difference between oversteer and understeer; left foot braking and braking cadence; garage and box entry; doughnuts and spiral slides?

Whether you are looking to train as a stunt performer or simply want to hone your driving technique, Silverstone Rally School can help.

Silverstone Rally School has been training stunt performers for over 10 years. Our licensed and experienced instructors know a thing or two when it comes to the perfect j-turn or driving in convoy whilst under siege, all to create the perfect movie scene.

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We offer tuition in all drivelines using our fully rally prepared Subaru Impreza and Nissan Micra cars. Our authentic gravel rally stage and large skid pan provide the perfect learning environment for the varied road surfaces you are likely to encounter on the film set or out on the open road. We can even take you off-road in our agile Suzuki Vitara’s on the purpose-built off-road course at the centre of our rally stage.

All of our 1:1 tuition sessions are entirely bespoke and tailored to suit your individual needs. Complete beginners welcome!

Training starts from just £195 for 30 minutes of in-car training and 30 minutes of classroom.

For more information and to book your place, please contact our expert team:

T: +44 (0) 1327 857 413



Silverstone Rally School Stunt Academy & Register 

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