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Precision Driver Training For Stunt Performers

Having had the pleasure of working with the Trainee's for the Stunt Register  & registered Stunt Performers over the last 8 years Silverstone Rally School was approached by the Committee to put together a driver training programme that was more focused on giving you driving skills more real to the skills required for your future work.  As the training provider who moulded the syllabus you can be very sure that you have come to the right place to receive the quality training and instruction to up skill you as we have the complete understanding of how this syllabus was brought about and the intent behind it.  We have been very lucky to work with many trainees & stunt performers who have chosen driving as one of their six skills  or those professionals who are already performing and want to advance their driving skill and we are most glad to have not only provided exceptional training but to have experienced how much delegates have enjoyed working with our team.  As a result of the comments made by others on the programme we have also had the pleasure of training numerous people who are also on the register. We are able to teach to a very advanced level so those who do not wish to follow the syllabus but just wish to up skill or who have completed the syllabus we can take you to the next level! Or even maybe you just wish to advance your training for some particular work. There is no need to go over seas to find training as we can accommodate you right here at Silverstone.


If you want to find out more about us from your own community then speak to other members on the Unofficial British Stunt Register Trainees Resource face book page as many of them have trained with us or indeed your stunt performer colleagues.  The Syllabus is attached to this page but please contact Dorne to discuss in further detail.  Our chief Instructor Andy Johnson & Connor Poole are very much looking forward to working with you. 

We are very happy to bespoke training for any individual wishing to up skill in precision driver training/stunt driving.  However for those training for the register the exact syllabus that we will follow can be found here:-      

Congratulations if you are looking for stunt driver training, a stunt driving experience or professional driver tuition you have definitely come to the right place!  We can train from beginner to advanced level and can also put together a continuous driving programme bespoke to your requirements .  So whether you are coming for a fun day out or professional tuition we can cater for your requirements.


Please note all our precision driver/stunt driver tuition is on a private one to one basis and is priced below for week day off peak.  Weekends may very occasionally be available but very limited and a surcharge of 20% would be charged.

Our courses will cover all precision driving manoeuvres but the content of your session can also depend on your current capability and the duration you choose to attend.

We can offer tuition in all drive lines, front wheel drive, four wheel drive and rear wheel drive but if you are a first timer or just looking for an experience we would very much recommend front wheel drive. You can choose from the following durations

1.5 hrs (60 mins in car 30 minutes briefing) £299

2 hrs (90 mins in car 30 minutes briefing) £389

3hrs (150 min in car 30 Minutes briefing) £580

If you wish the 3 hour session at £580 can be split by 2 people

Depending on drive line/car time we can cover:-

Rear Steer/Over-steer, Box entries, figure of 8, doughnuts, spiral slides/slalom, left foot braking, j turns, handbrake slalom, garage entry, hand brake turns, Braking Cadence, stopping on mark, over-steer through gap ,slalom, reversing, inc slalom, restricted vision, gap, 

Precision Driver Training/Stunt Driving

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