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How To Become A Rally Driver

How to Become a rally driver as an adult — It really is not as hard as you think!

So you enjoy driving, have your road licence and dreamed of being the next Colin Mcrae but think this is something that is an impossibility. Well I have great news for you. Its not as difficult as you think. You do not need to have any rally experience or rally driver tuition previously.

Step 1

Buy an MSA Go Rallying pack.

The Motors Sport Association is the governing body for Motor Sport in the uk.

Step 2

Once you have this get your self-booked into a Rally School like Silverstone Rally School who are a member of The British Association of Rally Schools for your Rally Licence Assessment (BARS Assessment) and of course some rally driving tuition.

The assessment covers theory safety aspects of on stage rally and a brief driving assessment.

On passing this assessment you send off for your licence to the MSA. You then need to find a local motor club and become a member. These clubs can also give you information of rally driving events in the UK that you can attend.

Step 3

You will of course need a car. This does not need to be WRC standard and if you are starting at the budget end you can probably pick up a MSA log booked rally car from around £5000 onwards. You will of course also need a co-driver navigator and you can often meet someone who is willing to do this at your local Motor Club.

Step 4

Enter a rally.

Entry fees to stage rallies vary but for a single venue rally you can expect it to cost between £250 and £300. On top of this you will also need some safety gear being hans device, helmet, rally suit. The cost of this will be around £1200.00.

rally driving experience
On event at the Red Dragon Stages

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Josh Brown
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