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Do You Want Your New Young Driver To Be Able To Control A Car!

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Having trained many young and more mature people at Silverstone Rally School it has become very evident that many people do not know how to react when a car under steers or over steers. Most drivers on the British Roads today panic when their car slides on snow and ice and don't know what the correct thing is to do.

Young drivers today are taught to pass a test that does not necessarily mean they know how to control a car.

At Silverstone Rally School we very much like to see young drivers here learning rally driving technique as it does in effect teach car control and it gives them confidence how to deal with a slide when it happens on the public roads by instigating a slide in a controlled manner and bringing it back in to control. So there are other skills to be gained to help on the road whilst giving your young person a fun day out.

In Scandinavian countries it is usual for young people to have experience rally driving in order to pass their road licence because it gives a great understanding of car control.

If you really want to add and enhance driving skills we can also book in bespoke one on one sessions giving more of a focus to on road driving. Take a look at our rally courses or give us a call. We have worked with many people who come to us to feel more confident in driving on the public roads. A rally experience is far more than just an experience.

Learn How To Really Control A Car!

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