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Be confident and understand how to control your car on the Road!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people analyse and try to find answers for the reason for the number of accidents on the road today in the UK particularly in our younger population. Our answer is to stop them driving at night and put a black box in the car to try to make them drive more cautiously, I wonder if this has actually made any difference?

In the UK do we teach our drivers just to pass a test? Of course I am not decrying the necessary requirements of teaching and understanding of road craft for public safety but it amazes me that we are happy to set our drivers out on the road without giving them a total understanding of controlling a car. Would you feel more confident when your family members are driving on the road if they had a full understanding of what to do when their car goes out of control. Giving them a complete understanding on what to do when the car goes into a skid and oversteers or understeers? When this happens to most drivers on the road today panic sets in and most people immediately do the wrong thing!

Enter Silverstone Rally School, it may surprise some people that the techniques we teach at Silverstone Rally School give you the technical aspects you require to actually control a car! The term Rally experience or Rally driving would scare some people to think that people would start rally driving on the road. What we are actually teaching is people to understand what happens with a car and how to avoid/control oversteer and understeer situations. We are a controlled environment with skid pans where people can learn car control and driving technique in a safer controlled environment and to give confidence and understanding of controling a car.

We offer several courses that can help give confidence to all drivers and we can also book in private specialist training to help with every drivers needs. Just take a look at our rally experience page or rally solo private tuition. Let use help us give you confidence to be safer on the road. Just email or phone our rally school to talk about driver enhance. Not all will you learn a lot you will enjoy learning to slide at our rally driving school.

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