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Junior Introductory Half Day £139



Safety Briefing lasting approximately 20 minutes then brief in car demonstration followed by:-


Practice 1

Car and track familiarisation - several laps around the stage gaining steering and clutch control.

Practice 2

Each delegate will get the chance to practice hand brake turns and powerslides.

Practice 3

A further driving session around the full stage integrating the newly learnt


Practice 4

Now you are building in confidence and your co-ordination is improving we show you a new technique - handbrake turns to the right! We then finish off the morning session with powerslides in either donut or figure of eight style according to your own individual ability.

Those delegates on the half day will then receive a high speed passenger ride.


This course is designed for juniors upto 17 years old with no driving licence. min height 4 ft 6 inches ( average 10year old) Max 6 ft 1  inch. Max weight 14 stone. A great junior rally experience.


Please note the term half day is based upon us having 6 juniors  per car/ instructor  with each child taking turns. For this number the timings are 9 am to 12 noon and timinings include safety briefing and in car demonstration.  We sometimes run with lesser numbers and as such the course will finish earlier depending on the number but your junior will get exactly the same amount of drive time what ever the number on the course and they will get to do all of the above.  This course is run on Sundays and school holidays.  With usually one date per month.

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